Who we are

Ummahatul Muminin Girls Madrasah is an Islamic education institute for girls only. This institute was established in the year of 1994 in the name of Tahirutunnessa Islamic Arabia Girls Madrasah.  The aim of the institute is to spread out Islamic education to wards girls and to develop the society with Islamic morality. From the begging it disseminated Islamic knowledge among the students. Within a short period after establish honest the quality of education and management become so high that its name and fame spreads out among the great Islamic scholar and Islam…

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• A very well composed school syllabus for every classes selecting a wide variety of study materials from home and abroad to ensure the best quality of teaching method in the curriculum.
• Apart from Islamic studies, the necessary English study is also added in the syllabus to develop the knowledge of the student in foreign language.
• Classes are being conducted by experienced and well trained teachers.
• The curriculum is being designed to develop and capable the student to invite..

Our Success

By the grace of Allah a large number of students have successfully completed postgraduate degree from this Madrasah. These highly educated Alemah are now working throughout the country and abroad. A significant number of students has completed Hifz from the Hifz division. Besides these, thousands of students have passed different training and special courses from this Madrasah. Every year a large number of students participate in the central examination of “Bangladesh Qawmi Madrasah Education Board” and successfully achieve high rank in merit list.

Rules & Regulations

Admission and Residential Rules: * Academic calendar starts from 8th shawal of Hijree Calendar. * New students are sitting for admission test. But befaq passed students can get admission after submitting Marks sheet and admission form. * Admission forms are available (a) Tk. 100/- (One Hundred) in Madrasah office. Admission form is to be submitted to the office along with admission fees, tuition fees of one month, hostel charges and food charge (for residential students). * Fees structure Admission fees: Tk 1400/- Tuition fees (Residential Student): Tk 1000/- per..

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Our library

knowledge based and students of writing – aimed at creating an environment in the country and foreign books, children – Literature, Magazine, Islamic literature – culture, history and modern knowledge – with a library of science nirbhayogya pustakadi. The library contains more prosperous future plans for inasa – God.

* Speech Training drum

* Deyalika

* Research and Publications Division

* Other training

About Of The Founder

Mr. Moulana Mohammad Anwarul Haque, the founder administrator of the organization hailed from a noble family in the village Sonarkandhi in Narayanganj district. He completed his primary education in his village and later enrolled in Hossainia Madrasah at Bara Katra in Dhaka. Upon completion of his higher secondary level in Lalbagh Jaamia Qurania Arabia Madrasah, Dhaka, Mr. Anwarul Haque passed DOWRA-E-HADITH in first class with distinction FROM Darul Ulum Madania Madrasah in Jatra Bari, Dhaka.He also completed Dhakil, Alim, Fazil and Kamil (Fiqhand Tafsir) under Bangladesh..