Ummahatul Muminin Girls Madrasah is an Islamic education institute for girls only. This institute was established in the year of 1994 in the name of Tahirutunnessa Islamic Arabia Girls Madrasah.  The aim of the institute is to spread out Islamic education to wards girls and to develop the society with Islamic morality. From the begging it disseminated Islamic knowledge among the students. Within a short period after establish honest the quality of education and management become so high that its name and fame spreads out among the great Islamic scholar and Islam loving people of the country. The progress of the Madrasah is still moving ahead for more success by the grace of Almighty Allah.

In the past few years, the students of this Madrasah have passed successfully the central examination being conducted by “Bangladesh Kawmi (Natural) Madrasah Education Board”. Even many of the students were in the merit list of top scorer Alhamdullah. By the grace of Allah, the Madrasah is now appeared as one of the best Girl`s Madrasah in Bangladesh.

To fulfill the criteria of Bangladesh Govt. and for further development of the Madrasah, the management authority has reviewed the Madrasah will be run under direct supervision of “Ummahatul Muminin Trust”. After having suggestions from various Islamic scholars, the authority has decided to change name of the Madrasah. As a result the name of the Madrasah. As a result the name of the Madrasah will be “Ummahatul Muminin Mohila Madrasah” according to the name of Muslim’s mother, Wife of Prophet Sm.

The aforesaid change in the management policy has been decided in a general meeting of Madrasah committee in presence of Islamic scholars, Guardians well wishers and patrons.