Mr. Moulana Mohammad Anwarul Haque, the founder administrator of the organization hailed from a noble family in the village Sonarkandhi in Narayanganj district. He completed his primary education in his village and later enrolled in Hossainia Madrasah at Bara Katra in Dhaka. Upon completion of his higher secondary level in Lalbagh Jaamia Qurania Arabia Madrasah, Dhaka, Mr. Anwarul Haque passed DOWRA-E-HADITH in first class with distinction FROM Darul Ulum Madania Madrasah in Jatra Bari, Dhaka.He also completed Dhakil, Alim, Fazil and Kamil (Fiqhand Tafsir) under Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board with credit level and later he successfully passed in 1st class in Honors and Masters from Dhaka University in Arabic literature. Afterwards, he left for Egypt for higher education in world famous Al Azhar University and returned home after completing the course successfully.
Presently, Mr. Haque is doing M. Phil and busy with research in Dhaka University. Besides above, he is also working as a part time lecturer in Darul Ihsan University. His motto is to spread the Islamic education all over the places to preach the best teaching of Islam in light of Quran and Hadith.

– Chief of Education