Admission and Residential Rules: * Academic calendar starts from 8th shawal of Hijree Calendar. * New students are sitting for admission test. But befaq passed students can get admission after submitting Marks sheet and admission form. * Admission forms are available (a) Tk. 100/- (One Hundred) in Madrasah office. Admission form is to be submitted to the office along with admission fees, tuition fees of one month, hostel charges and food charge (for residential students). * Fees structure Admission fees: Tk 1400/- Tuition fees (Residential Student): Tk 1000/- per month. Tuition fees: Tk. 900/- per month (Non residential student) Food: Tk 2000/- (For class six and onward) Food (For class 1 to v): Tk 1800/- Examination Fees: Tk According to the decision of academic and finance committee. Attention: a. Tuition fees have to be paid for 12 months. b. All out sanding is to be paid in the first week of every month of English Calendar. c. If meal is served for 20 days or more, it will be considered a complete working month. d. For the presence of less than 20 days Tk. 60 will be refunded for class I to class V and Tk 66.66 for other students per day. Subjects for Admission Test ———————————————-——— Class Book ———–
Takmil: Mishkat, Hidaya
Fajilat: Hidaya, Nurul Anwar
Sanuviya-2: Kafiya, Sharhe Bekaya
Sanuviya-1: Hedaetun Nahu, Ilmus Sigah
Muta-oassita-3: Nahbemir, Ilmus Sharof
Muta-oassita-2: Mijan and Mun shaib, Malabudda
Muta-oas sita- 1: Tajbid, Esho Arbi Shikhi-1
Ibtedia-5 to Ibtedia-2: Tajbid, Bengali, Math, English
Hifzul Quran & Najera: Tajbid, Kerat

* Residential Rules
* Every student has to be arranged the following necessary materials. (a) Trunk (size not over 22 inches) (b) Plate, bowl, jug, glass, salt pan, toilet paper. (c) Bedingset (d) Other personal expenses has to be bear by the student herself. * Guardians are allowed to visit on Thursday (from Asr to Maghrib) and on Friday (from 8:00 AM to Maghrib) * Guardians must show identity card (given by Madrasah authority) during visit. * To give urgent message, Guardian can call over phone to Madrasah administration after Fajar (1hr) and after asr (1hr). Phone No- 8810567, o1552393788 * Students are not allowed to carry mobile phone. * For urgent family programme, leave of absence will be granted only once in a month (only on Thursday from Asr to Friday Asr) upon guardian’s recommendation. * None but only Mahram can visit the student.